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Why a vacuum sealer ?

Perhaps, more than once we have thrown food because we have surely forgotten about it in the fridge, especially when they are things that we do not consume regularly.

A good solution, so that the food does not spoil and we can store it longer, is a vacuum sealer. It allows food to preserve flavor, properties and color better. In addition, if we choose to store them in the freezer, we will prevent them from forming a layer of ice, and that when defrosted, they are left with excess water or lose part of their natural moisture.


There are different types of vacuum sealers from home sealers, the best known of these are the Oster brand, to industrial double chamber vacuum sealers, also called double bell vacuum sealers. All sealers are designed to vacuum pack food or products.

Below you can see charts with a general explanation of each type of vacuum sealer classified according to their general use. These tables will allow you to have a good general idea of ​​their characteristics and if you require more detailed information, you can obtain it in the links of each table.


Oster vacuum sealers are the best example of this type of sealers. They are generally sealers for domestic use and can also be useful for small businesses. Its great advantages are its low cost, ease of use and the little space they occupy.

Ideal for home or ventures that perform a maximum of 100 daily seals


These types of sealers work exactly the same as home models, making the vacuum by sucking air from inside the bags.

They are recommended equipment for businesses where between 100 and up to 300 daily seals are made.


This type of benchtop sealers can be very large or expensive for the average user, but they have a higher vacuum capacity than the home ones, achieving on average 99.5% vacuum and more. This is very important to prolong the preservation of some types of food.

They are ideal for restaurants and small to medium-sized enterprises with the need for intensive daily use.


Similar to the tabletop sealers, somewhat more expensive, but very comfortable since they usually have wheels which allow them to be easily moved within a production area. They also have a much higher vacuum capacity than homemade ones, achieving over 99.5% vacuum, very important to prolong food preservation.

They are ideal for restaurants, production rooms, and businesses with intensive use of sealers.


Industrial double bell (or double chamber) vacuum sealers are designed for tasks that require a combination of maximum air removal (to maximize food life) and faster production speeds. The two cameras allow that while one seals the other is charged. This type of sealers provides maximum efficiency for the food industry and food processors.