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Vacuum machines for domestic use: information, opinions

Vacuum machines for domestic use: information, opinions

Among the many appliances that increasingly are not lacking in Italian families there, machine, vacuum, a device. That allows you to store foods for a period longer than the usual methods of preservation, such as freezing is stopping in the fridge. The market offers many models to choose from, with a very wide price and performance variability of the appliances. Let's see together what are the most important information you will need to take into account when purchasing a home vacuum packing machine.

  • The domestic vacuum

The vacuum is a conservation method through which air. Contained in the container in which the food is stored, is eliminated. It follows that the creation of an environment with reduced oxygen content limits those oxidative phenomena that cause the rapid deterioration of food. The vacuum technique was born as an industrial requirement, precisely to extend the shelf life of counter-top foods, and it immediately spread also at home, with machines that, in terms of performance, have nothing to envy to the larger ones used by companies.

The advantages that follow are many. For example, those who work all week do not have the time to go shopping every day. so vacuum packing could be useful for storing a large variety of foods. Even divided into comfortable portions, and having them always available when you return home. Even for those who find themselves having to deal with the surplus of the product. The vacuum is useful to preserve foods better. Even the leftovers, and take up less space in the pantry, the freezer, or refrigerator.

  • Better conservation

As we have already said, the vacuum technique allows food to be stored for an average time longer than traditional methods. Still, another advantage of this method is the possibility of having better food from an organoleptic and visual point of view. In fact, with the vacuum, those superficial browning phenomena due to the oxidation of food exposed to the air are avoided, which, very often. It causes food to be thrown ahead of time because they are ugly to look at; this phenomenon occurs, in particular, with meat. Even the deep freezing of food benefits from the vacuum, in fact, frozen food with this method is protected from cold burns, which cause a loss of colors and flavor of the starting product.

  • Comparing models

The market offers a large variety of vacuum packing machines, with models with a modern and captivating design, beautiful also to be kept fixed on the kitchen counter. Home sealing machines all have an elongated, small, and compact shape. In general, they vary mainly in length, in relation to the size of the sealing bar, and in weight, which is, however, not excessive for this category of household appliances. Even the materials may vary. You will find completely plastic vacuum machines and those made entirely of steelINOX. The latter have higher costs, but they are also the ones that generally give greater guarantees of duration and functionality.

  • Buying Guide

When choosing a vacuum machine, one of the first factors to consider is always the quality of the product you are going to buy. Always choose reliable brands and sealers made with excellent materials. Better to spend a little more, so as to be sure of buying a product that will give you a guarantee of long-term functioning. Also, check the suction power and speed and the functionality of the appliance: some machines allow you to vacuum and seal manually or automatically. In this way, you will be able to preserve different types of the product better.

Also, take a look at the accessories supplied, such as bags, rolls, and vacuum containers. Remember that to store food in special containers. The vacuum machine must be equipped with a connection tube to the containers themselves. Some machines also have a convenient cutter that allows you to size the bags, but check for their presence.