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The operation for choosing a vacuum machine for food

The operation for choosing a vacuum machine for food

Among the most useful objects that can be found in the kitchen, there is, of course, the vacuum machine for food. However, given that it is a tool that is increasingly spreading in the daily use of many. It may be necessary to have some advice and know the criteria for choosing a vacuum machine for food. What is it? A vacuum food machine is a tool that is used to seal food so that it is stored in a sealed bag, totally removing the air. Which guarantees a longer life of the food stored with the vacuum. This tool can be used in many situations, and once used, there are many who have not been able to separate from it.

For example, if you buy, or when you receive a whole ham or cheese, as a gift, or when you buy meat or fish: in all these cases, keep all these foods vacuum packed. Which you can not consume in a short time, allows you to keep the quality and flavor of the food unaltered, without this going bad. However, not everyone is an expert in a machine of this kind. Therefore it is essential to understand its operation fully and to know all the elements of a technical. But also practical nature, which is decisive for making a conscious choice and which is the most "spot-on" possible.

Vacuum machine for food: when it is really useful to have one

As a first factor, it is important to understand if a vacuum machine useful for storing food is really a tool that may be necessary and what needs it can respond to.

Not only food: a vacuum machine, in fact, can also be used to store other objects and keep them unchanged over time. For example, the world of collectors could be interested in vacuum machines: important collectibles such as stamps, coins, postcards, or old photographs could be better preserved if they are vacuum packed.

However, the most frequent need is to use these machines to be able to preserve food better: practically all foods can be vacuum-packed, giving the food greater durability over time.

The meat is a typical example of this possibility: a vacuum preserved steak can last up to a week in the refrigerator, and when stored in the freezer that can not deteriorate or break down before a year.

Even fish, sausages and cheeses can be best-preserved thanks to a vacuum food machine.

The operation

Before purchasing, one is always suitable for know-how is the operation of this device, so you do not have unpleasant experiences during use. The vacuum machine usually works in two phases, which are normally referred to as suction and welding. First, take the bag you want to vacuum seal and put it in the machine. In the first phase, the suction, the air present in the bag, is therefore sucked by a small pump that manages to remove all the oxygen present. In the next phase, the sealing of the sealing bar of the machine is heated and passed on the bag. And this will allow it to close hermetically so that it can no longer enter the air. If other containers, specific for vacuum storage, are used, the hermetic seal will already be incorporated, and this phase can be avoided.