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The advantages of vacuum packing for commercial activities

The advantages of vacuum packing for commercial activities

When you have a restaurant, but this can also apply to bars, pubs, and other places that have food and drinks as their main activity, one of the main needs could be to keep some food longer than standard tools. , can allow.

A vacuum machine can allow this and other advantages, such as that of reducing storage space and being able to better organize, for example, the possible cold room of a restaurant.

How long are the storage times

If you have chosen to buy a vacuum machine, surely the main objective remains that of being able to expand the food storage times, but how far can you increase them?

Here are some examples:

  • frozen food: one of the possible risks, when placing food in the freezer, is that of obtaining the so-called "freezer burn," that is, cold burning, which accelerates the deterioration process. Keeping a vacuum allows you to avoid this danger, increasing the retention period of what is placed in the freezer. Foods can be kept suitable for up to 12 months;
  • cooked food: it can happen to cook a quantity of food in excess of what is to be served. You can choose to want to keep them for a period longer than the 4 or 5 days that the refrigerator allows. Thanks to the vacuum it is possible to prolong this period up to 2 weeks, for many foods and drinks;
  • Fruits and vegetables: these cooked foods last on average for up to 4 days. Thanks to a tool such as that of the vacuum, it is possible to double this timing, which is useful especially for those who have large quantities of food to preserve;
  • Cured meats, cold cuts, and cheeses: thanks to the vacuum-packed sausages can last up to six months unless it is the ham that is notoriously less resistant. However, thanks to this maintenance process, it will also be possible to extend the life of this product. Even fresh cheeses, which can normally be preserved for a few days, can have an extended life of up to two weeks, while 3 months for the semi-seasoned and 6 months for the seasoned;
  • meat and fish: five days is the average time for which you can manage to keep the smell and taste of fresh meat unaltered (without vacuuming at most you get to 2 days). Even for fish, it reaches 5 days, two or three days longer than usual.