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Special Value Combo Pack FoodSaver 8″ & 11″ Rolls & 36 Heat-Seal Pre-Cut Bags BPA free

Details : Special Value Combo Pack FoodSaver 8″ & 11″ Rolls & 36 Heat-Seal Pre-Cut Bags BPA free

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Advantages of vacuum sealers

Did you know that exposure to oxygen is the main cause of loss of food quality? Oxygen quickly robs your food from the essential qualities of flavor and color to texture and healthy nutrients.

Whether you’re sealing meat for later in the week or storing fish for next winter, a home sealer will keep your food flavor and nutritional value longer.

Prevent oxygen from degrading your perishable food and you will greatly extend its freshness, flavor and shelf life. You will enjoy more tasty meals with your family as well as cost savings from not having to throw away food that is beyond its peak.

Owning this type of device makes it possible to buy more food when a great sales opportunity presents itself because you can keep it longer without sacrificing quality.

The different types of vacuum sealer

There are different types of vacuum machines, including the chamber model, the external type and the built-in model.

  • The chamber model

As you can imagine, a food Thermo sealer consists of a small chamber. Your bag is then placed in this chamber, on which the cover descends and the air is sucked out of the bag.

  • The external model

The most common type is the one with external suction. This involves placing the end of a sachet inside the lip of the food sealer, which is then pressed onto the specialized vacuum sachet. The machine then creates a vacuum inside the bag and uses heat to seal it, so that no air can enter it.

  • The portable model

Portable models do exactly what they say on the box. You have the choice between the wired or wireless model, but there is no major difference between the two, apart from a small loss of power in the wireless option.

The portable soda can only be used on bags with the necessary complement, usually in the form of a small valve, or on boxes and jars.

How we choose our selection of vacuum sealers

Characteristics to look for in the vacuum sealer

  • Rollers and Knives – Vacuum sealers need bags to store the food you seal under these tight air conditions. If you don’t want to have to determine the correct size and shape of a bag yourself from a long plastic roll, then it’s a good idea to invest in a machine equipped with a system of integrated cutter and rollers that will do this job for you. It is one less hassle for you and one more function that your sealer can accomplish.
  • Wet sealing – There is a very popular movement in the culinary world towards the use of the vacuum method which produces succulent and tender results, bursting with flavor of the liquids used to marinate the meats and stews that you have prepared. If you want to be able to seal your creations at the same time as sauces, sauces and marinades, you will need a machine that allows you to wet seal or better yet, a machine that also has a marinade mode. Marinating can often require that your vegetables, fish, and poultry,
  • Pulse – Depending on the types of food you want to seal more regularly with your machine, a pulse mode may be something you find useful. If you like leafy greens, for example, which are more likely to decompose and disintegrate if you apply too much pressure at a time, then a controlled pulsed mode will be beneficial. This way you can closely monitor the exhaust air and stop it if your food seems to be about to be crushed and spoiled!
  • Maintenance and cleaning – These two points are also important to consider. If your machine is difficult and bulky to clean and requires a lot of routine maintenance, chances are it will just be pushed to the back of the cabinet to never see the light of day again! So opt for a user-friendly model, easy to clean and maintain, but which still represents good manufacturing quality and good value for money.