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How to choose: the elements to be evaluated

How to choose: the elements to be evaluated

If, after having understood what a vacuum machine is for and having decided that it is a purchase to be made. Before concretizing, it is necessary to evaluate some factors that can influence the choice of one model instead of another.

The practicality of use, as well as the good functioning, are among the main features. That a tool like this must have: it is much more important than other parameters such as aesthetics. To consider is also the amount of space that the machine occupies, and assessing the size is also essential to understand where it can be positioned. In addition to this, it is necessary to opt for a vacuum machine model or another. Also, based on the size of the foods that you think you will have to vacuum seal more frequently.

As for the technical elements, here is a rundown of the main aspects to consider when choosing a vacuum machine model for food:

  • pump that creates the vacuum: it is the element of the machine that creates the vacuum by sucking the air present in the bag. To evaluate this parameter, and the suction power, it is necessary to check the indication expressed in mbar of the machine power. For a vacuum machine to be defined as effective, it is necessary to have a power of at least 700-800 mbar. Below this threshold, there is the risk of having a product that is not very profitable.
  • Machine power: this is the parameter expressed in watts and expresses the power of the motor that will be used to operate the suction pump and the part of the tool used to seal the bag. The higher the power, the better the performance that can be obtained.
  • Variety of machine functions: it is necessary to evaluate whether the machine can offer different vacuum characteristics. Which can be differentiated according to the capacity, timing, or vacuum levels or if there are other accessory functions. Such as manual welding, which could be useful when you want to seal bags without sucking in the air.

The vacuum machine is, therefore, a very useful tool, which can also become a truly original gift idea and can be used at home for many uses. Now that you know the main selection criteria for a food vacuum machine, you have no more excuses for not proceeding with the purchase.