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Alician 100PCS Food Grade Heat Seal Aluminium Foil Bags Vacuum Sealer Pouches Storage Bag 5x7cm

Details : Alician 100PCS Food Grade Heat Seal Aluminium Foil Bags Vacuum Sealer Pouches Storage Bag 5x7cm

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Trick and tips



Even with a manual device, heat sealing is 2 to 5 times faster (and more), depending on the vacuum equipment.


The investment required for heat sealing equipment compares very favourably to commercial “vacuum” equipment.


The film required for sealing is always included in the price of the trays (just like transport). This represents approximately $ 0.03 per unit. A very small “vacuum bag” purchased separately from the trays, typically themselves more expensive, in order to be fairly resistant, is normally more expensive. For larger dishes, “ vacuum ” bags can cost several times the price of film.


In the “vacuum” process, sauces and liquids try to follow the air that is removed, often spoiling the presentation of dishes.


The customer buying a cooked, heat-sealed dish only has to remove a corner of the film or make a small incision to pass his dish in the oven or in the microwave and then gently remove the film, while heated, while the customer of the “ sous-vide ” must struggle with his scissors in order to manage to remove the bag which covers his dish.


The film covers the top of the tray only, instead of surrounding the tray completely. Less material to produce, transport and less to recycle.


Thermosealers require less maintenance than a more complicated “vacuum” machine.

Types of vacuum sealing

There are three main types of vacuum sealers: manual sealers (which we will not review because they tend not to work very well and leave a poor seal), external vacuum sealers and vacuum sealers. Bedroom.

  • Chamber vacuum sealer- these are the big boys in the world of vacuum sealers. Chamber vacuum sealers are much more robust and powerful than external or manual sealers, making them ideal for portioning an entire batch of meat or if you have just harvested your vegetable patch. As the name suggests, instead of sealing the bag on the outside, it is placed inside the room. Once this is done, the vacuum will suck out all the air from this room, including all the air inside the bag. Heat is used to seal the bag, like for an external vacuum sealer, and they can also seal jars, which is a great idea for saving food.
  • Sealer under external vacuum- some may say they are not as effective as a chamber vacuum sealer, but everyone has their preference. These machines tend to have a lower power range than their chambered counterparts because they suck in or pump air directly from the food sealer. To do this, you will need custom sealing bags, such as padded or textured bags, because air is pumped through the material while being drawn in. Once this process is complete, the bag is heat-sealed.

How we choose our vacuum sealing selection

Features to look for in a vacuum sealing machine

  • Rolls – Make sure the roll included in your product can fit a range of bags of different sizes. You will never want to seal food of the same size every time. In addition, if you want the device to be practical and easy to use, make sure that the chosen device is equipped with a storage system for rolls or bags. You may think this is an essential point, but some external rollers do not have this functionality
  • Cutters – Smaller, less commercial vacuum sealers do not have an integrated cutter. If so, pay attention to a sliding cup, which is very fun to use and practical too. Scissors can be difficult to use, not always precise, and can potentially ruin the effort you just made to seal your food in the first place.
  • Wet sealing – Want a seal a meal vacuum sealer? Make sure the machine you buy can actually do the job. If you are the type of person who likes to keep leftovers or always cooks too much, then you need a vacuum cleaner that can really handle moisture and wet food – not one that spoils a drop. ‘water. Most hunters will tell you if they are compatible with wet and dry foods, but don’t assume they are all.
  • Pulse control is extremely important for vacuum sealing, especially if you hope to seal delicate items that you don’t want to be crushed or broken. Pulse controlcan be automatic or manual – or even give you the option of choosing between the two. Preset options allow the machine to automatically seal your bag based on what you have selected inside, while manual control gives you the flexibility to choose when you want, or think you need to, stop passing the bag vacuum.